Top 5 Nastiest Pitches You Missed This Week - September 30th

At Pitcher List, we love nasty pitches. We review the dirtiest of the dirty after every day of games where our readers vote for their favorite. Each week, there are plenty of pitches that don't get the love they deserve and here at Korked we're going to take a look at these underappreciated pitches and understand why they deserve your love.

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1. Sonny Gray's Slider

Despite being limited to just one inning on Wednesday, Sonny Gray impressed fans with stuff that represented the young phenom in his prime. Take for example this 90mph to fan C.J. Cron to end the first inning: It's late movement away from the first baseman's bat at a blistering speed is vicious and you can't blame Cron for giving into temptation.

2. Jharel Cotton's Changeup

With one start left for the A's this season, Cotton has already made a strong impression, holding a 1.44 ERA and walking just three batters in his four starts for the major league club. His bread-and-butter is a Fastball/Changeup combination that can be all kinds of deadly when paired with his over-the-top delivery. Jonathan Lucroy got a good taste of what the 24-year-old prospect can do after whiffing at this perfectly executed Changeup over the weekend.

3. Matt Moore's Cutter

Sometimes there are pitches that are simply mesmerizing. I can't count the amount of times I've looped this Cutter just off the plate to Charlie Blackmon as its late movement is soothing, asking me to watch it just one more time. It's the perfect 0-2 pitch as well - tease the hitter to believe the ball will be too close to take and then fall away from the bat at the last moment to earn the strikeout.

4. Marcus Stroman's Curveball

Stroman's 2016 regular season came to a close last night, though his best effort was over the weekend where he silenced the Yankees across seven frames. He showed off his polish array of pitches, including this Curveball that seemingly changed its mind 3/4 of the way to the plate. Ronald Torreyes didn't have a chance.

5. Chase Whitley's Changeup

Those who aren't Rays fans are most likely unaware that Chase Whitley is now part of Tampa Bay, but I'm sure Rays fans weren't aware that Whitley had this kind of filth in his back pocket either. In a blowout game against the White Sox, Whitley was called in to eat some innings and he unleashed this change piece that fell right off the table to Alex Aliva. Crazy good.

Nick Pollack is the founder of and contributor for The Washington Post. He can be found making an excessive amount of pitching GIFs on Twitter @ThePitcherList.

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