Top 5 Nastiest Pitches You Missed This Week - April 14th

At Pitcher List, we love nasty pitches. We review the dirtiest of the dirty after every day of games where our readers vote for their favorite. Each week, there are plenty of pitches that don't get the love they deserve and here at Korked we're going to take a look at these underappreciated pitches and understand why they deserve your love.

All GIFs courtesy of PitcherList.

1. Jharel Cotton's Changeup

Budding onto the scene in 2017 is Jharel Cotton, who had his way against the Royals this week with a performance of seven frames, zero earned runs, and six strikeouts to his name. The Kansas City broadcast kept calling this pitch a Screwball, but only because Cotton gets so much horizontal and vertical drop on his Circle-Changeup. Check it out as at seems to repel Brandon Moss' bat for the strikeout.

2. Daniel Norris' Slider

Norris was dealt a tough hand for his first start of the 2017 as he faced the Red Sox, though he powered through the day, developing better command as the game developed. It may have peaked with this Slider here to Dustin Pedroia as the pitch darts from the middle of the plate to the well under the hands of the star second basemen.

3. Ricky Nolasco's Curveball

When thinking of filthy pitches, Ricky Nolasco isn't the first pitcher that comes to mind. However, it would be remiss to overlook this gorgeous looking hook from Nolasco during his start against the Seattle Mariners. Watch as mega slugger Nelson Cruz gets badly fooled on this Curveball, flinching heavily as the ball cruises over the plate for the backwards strikeout.

4. Cory Gearrin's Fastball

If there's one specific type of pitch we love most at Pitcher List, it's hard Fastballs with excellent movement. Gearrin's pitch to Brandon Drury fits the bill nicely, featuring subtle but harsh bite, traveling from the middle of the plate to disappear underneath Drury's hands. The slow-motion shot gives us a great visual of how Gearrin gets on the side of the ball to generate bonus horizontal bend, watching the ball zoom at the last moment off the plate.

5. Dellin Betances' Curveball

There's no secret that the Yankees have a stud named Dellin Betances in their bullpen, but what may get missed at times is how deceptive his signature breaking ball can be. Above is the perfect example during this high-pressure at-bat as veteran Evan Longoria doesn't even make an attempt to swing at this Curveball as it falls right in the middle of the plate for strike three. Talk about getting badly fooled.

Nick Pollack is the founder of and contributor for The Washington Post. He can be found making an excessive amount of pitching GIFs on Twitter @ThePitcherList.

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