Tonight's NL WC Game: What to Watch For

Okay, so, the AL had their chance to do something interesting in their Wild Card game and made the most of it. Good for them. But it’s the National League’s turn this time, baby! Just because they are going second doesn’t mean that this game is going to be any less extraordinary!

At 8 PM Eastern, the Colorado Rockies will take a trip to visit the Arizona Diamondbacks at Chase Field. Well, no, they will probably do their travel before then. But they are going to play a game at that time. And – ugh, well now I’ve just blown it. The hype was good before, though, wasn’t it?

Here’s what you need to be watching for tonight:

  • Starting Pitching: Jon Gray vs. Zack Greinke

This one could be interesting for this reason only. We’ll start with the visitor, Jonny G. He finished out the year with a 10-4 record and a 3.67 ERA. Now, you keep in mind that that 3.67 ERA was posted as a Rockie. We’re willing to bet he would be down around a 3.00 if he played anywhere else. He’s been on a hot streak lately, giving up three runs or fewer in his last 13 starts, including 80 K’s. But he’s facing a Cy Young winner who put up another CY Young-like year. Greinke has been solid enough in his postseason career and we’re willing to bet he will quell any concerns that may come up with throwing against the Rockies’ lineup. For some reason, though, we’re going to side with Gray coming up with a better start due to beginner’s luck. And that’s literally the only reason. Seriously. We promise. Honestly. Why are you looking at us so suspiciously?

  • How many runs does each team have left in their run scoring baggie?

As we all know, Major League Baseball players each contribute to their team’s run scoring baggie at the beginning of the year. Offensive players can make their payments in a variety of ways. While these sacred rituals are rather secretive, we are baseball insiders with a wealth of information on what goes on in the MLB world. For instance, we know that David Dahl performed a beautiful reading of his great grandfather’s work, Matilda, at the Colorado ceremony while his teammates acted out the entirety of the writing. On the other side, Socrates Brito delivered a moving speech on issues with his namesake’s theoretical framework while the rest of the team danced to a lyre. Both of these rites conjured up plenty of runs into the team’s bags which must be dwindling at this point of the season.

  • Whose offensive studs will do their part?

Looking into both dugouts, this has the chance to be a real high scoring game. There’s a ton of firepower on either side of the diamond. Again, we’ll start with the visitors. Up and down this lineup there is power, average, and savvy. Nolan Arenado. Carlos Gonzalez. Trevor Story. DJ LeMahieu. I mean this could be a pitcher’s nightmare. The Diamondbacks have plenty of showstopping ability, though, too. We’re talking Paul Goldschmidt. Jake Lamb. JD Martinez. David Peralta. Honestly, who wants to pitch in this game? I know I don’t. I’d be out of there like bark on a tree. (That’s how that goes, right?)

  • Which team will remember that they are an NL West team that isn’t the Dodgers first?

To be clear, it appears that both of these teams have forgotten that they play in the NL West. If you’re not wearing Dodger blue, then that’s supposed to be a total disaster. At least that is how things have been for the past handful of years. But, oddly enough, both of these teams are acting in angry defiance of this fact. They’ve both managed to make the playoffs despite the Dodgers winning over 250 games this year. Because of this, one of these teams could accidentally realize that they are playing too well and go back to playing how they have in the past. So, watch for players on either side of the field coming out of the dugout looking really confused to be playing a 169th game and you might get an early read on who is more prepared to play the game that day.

Cut the crap, blog writer guy. Just tell me who is going to win.

Alright, alright, alrgiht! Call off the dogs! I was just trying to have a little fun!

Let’s see. The Rockies currently wear purple and the Diamondbacks used to and, for whatever stupid reason, don’t anymore. So the style points are going to the Rockies. And both teams play in such rugged places that nobody is really going to beat anybody in that regard. And rumor has it that Torey Lovullo does more charity work than Bud Black so he’s got more karma…

We pick the Rockies because their mascot is a dinosaur and dinosaurs are awesome. Go Rockies, we guess!

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