The World Series: It's Split But It's Lit

We baseball fans wait all year for the World Series and it has finally come to us. Yusssss.

And, my, has this one been a doozy. Both of these games were instant classics that have brought us to a split series at 1-1 heading out to Houston. Just the way it should be because these two teams are SO competitive and SO talented top to bottom. It’s making it fun and it’s making it a total battle – something that’s great to see in baseball games that matter. We’ve seen the fastest World Series game in the past 20+ years but we’ve also seen a game get drawn out past 9 innings. (Free baseball is yes.)

Without further ado, here’s our version of’s wraps for both games that have been played so far (with a little bonus action):

Game 1: Just Two Dudes Having a Good Time

Game 1

Dodgers 3, Astros 1

This was the pitcher’s duel of both games played so far. (Both were, respectively, but the finish on Game 2 ended up being a lot of runs.) Headed into the 6th inning, things were all tied up 1-1. That was to be expected, though, with Kershaw and Keuchel starting. They each did it their own way with Kershaw striking out 11 and Keuchel getting 57 ground balls (It was 57, right?). However, Turner played Superman: Red Version when he pumped a ball out in the 6th to plate two runs for Los Doyers. That would end up being all it took for the Dodgers as they let Kershaw throw one more inning after that, then Morrow for an inning, and Jansen for an inning. Most likely just how Senator Dave Roberts drew it up. At the close of this game, the Astros had just three hits – something that happens just about as often as February 30th. Honorable mention: Alex Bregman got all of one off of Kershaw. Heater up and he just walloped the thing. Brilliant shot there, Cristiano Ronaldo. It would be nice for that to happen on the Astros side a little more often in the next game, the Astros are probably thinking, right?…

Game 2: WHAT THE $&^& IS GOING ON?!?!

Game 2

Astros 7, Dodgers 6

If you missed this game, go watch an archive or something because words just aren’t going to do it justice (even with the fact that I’m an UNBELEIVABLE WRITER, RIGHT, GUYS?!). Things were generally pretty quiet up until the sixth inning. It was 1-1 headed into the 6th (again) until the Trolley Dodgers struck twice in their offensive frame (again). But, after that, we’ve got a whoooole different story. To post their first World Series win in franchise history, the Astros said “Flair? Yeah, we’ve got it” and started hitting homers with the same frequency as my naps (Hint: Extremely often). Marwin Gonzalez: Game tying dinger in the 9th. Jose Altuve and Carlos Correa: Back-to-back jacks in the 10th (also to tie). George Springer: 2 run jimmy for the dubyah. In the bottom of the 11th, Charlie Culberson took his own shot at it and put one out to make things 7-6…But it turned out the juice was no longer loose in Dodger Stadium. Chris Devenski finally closed things out in the 11th, ending the game by K-ing up Puig (on possibly the nastiest change up in recorded human history). Honorable mention: Everyone in both dugouts. Guys, that was so cool, do more that.

Game 3: Gunna Be Hot in Houston

Game 3

(Prediction): Dodgers 7,461, Astros 9,224

Hey, do you like curveballs?! Oh…No? Well…Okay, then…Well, the rest of us are going to enjoy this game! Because we’ve got two starters who love to bend it like Blyleven tossing in this one. Darvish, the Beast from the Far East, is going to try to continue what his friends started and give up one run for at least two-thirds of the game. Meanwhile, McCullers is going to try to impress all the ladies in the home crowd by pitching better than his compadres have (and they were already really, really good). What’s it going to take to chalk up a W in this one for these squads? Well, if the previous two games in this showdown were any indication of what it takes to win in the 2017 World Series, you’re going to have to hit the home run. Minute Maid can make things tricky in that department, though, with its funky dimensions – but brute force will always be rewarded (especially in left field). We’re looking at you, Gattis. Catch it at 8 PM Eastern on Fox! *cue duh-nuh-nuh nuh-nuh-nuhhhhh!*

Oh, hey, and the food is good at Minute Maid if you live in Houston (or like to travel) so make sure you try some out if you attend!

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