Still Split, Still Lit, Still Totally Into It

Holy wow, it’s like the Dodgers and Astros are trying to make the 2017 World Series unforgettable. We have seen equal parts pitching dominance and offensive prowess, some defensive wizardry and even a few mental gaffes (I have a few questions for Puig). Altogether, though, one thing is for certain: We’re watching an instant classic unfold right before our eyes.

Headed into Game 5 tonight, the series is all tied up at 2-2 and the tension is palpable. We’re living history, people. This is not something to be taken for granted.

So, in the spirit of that, let’s go back over these games with some jokes, amirite!

Game 3: Darvish Makes an Oopsie

Game 3

Astros 5, Dodgers 3

While we aren’t going to say that we would have never seen this coming (because of the Astros’ stellar lineup), we were stunned when Darvish started getting banged around. It was like we all showed up to watch a baseball game and a laser tag matchup broke out. Yu couldn’t get out of the second inning and, upon being pulled, had already given up 4 runs. Although it was exciting to watch, yu (ha) had to feel for the guy. He was clearly really amped to make some good pitches on Friday but just couldn’t do it. After the tough second inning, though, the Dodgers came right back and showed some life with a run of their own in the top of the third. They even scored 2 runs in the sixth but it just wasn’t going to be enough.

 “NOT ON THIS DAY!!!” said Brad Peacock, notching an absolutely legendary 3.2 inning save on the heels of a 5.1 inning start out of Lance McCullers’ son. You might know him as Lance McCullers, Jr. He wasn’t impossible to hit, per say, but he was definitely good enough to get the job done in Game 3. It ended up taking the Dodgers 6 guys to get to the end of the game so we will have to see how that comes to affect the staff in Game 4 and 5…

Game 4: Attack of the Dodger’s Lefties

Game 4

Dodgers 6, Astros 2

Wee woo, wee woo! Southpaw alert! The Dodgers apparently had a meeting with their left handed starting core and were like “Guys…Do something.” And that they did. Both sides of the left handed ball (Poorly written, I should edit that…Eh, I don’t care) showed up for the Dodgers for Game 4 as Alex Wood performed above Joe Buck’s expectations (Seriously, just because he isn’t Kershaw or Verlander, the guy is a schmuck to Mr. Buck) and gave up just the one hit (although it was a blast) over his 5.2 innings of work. What more could you want your lefty baseball tossing starter guy to do in Game 4 of the World Series, ya know. Meanwhile, the left handed hitters came and did their thing, too. Bellinger really broke out and connected on a few better pitches to hit, including a timely double. And young Joc (not the rapper) hit an absolute moonshot to put the night cap on the Dodgers’ 5 run ninth inning (and yes, Joc, we did like it, thank you for asking). Great success!

Meanwhile, on the Astros side, Charlie Morton turned in an outstanding start, striking out 7 over 6.1 innings, allowing just the one run. But the bugaboo that everyone has been waiting for – the Astro bullpen – finally let up a rally. (We at Korked don’t think they are as bad as all the analysts on the tube think they are but nobody is asking us.) On the Astro offensive front, they had an odd game, scoring two runs on two jimmies. In fact, those were their only two hits. So, that’s…promising? Or not? Maybe?

Game 5: “Somebody Will Win the Game” - Joe Buck

Joe Buck

(Prediction): Dodgers -5, Astros -4

With things tied up tighter than a paranoid schizophrenic in the loony bin, we’re headed to Game 5 with a rematch of Kershaw vs. Keuchel. After Game 1, Kershaw has nowhere to go but down. Everyone wants to point to his playoff track record but our expectation? He will be just as good as Game 1. For Keuchel, we’re thinking he has nowhere to go but up, actually. We’re talking about a guy that feeds off preparedness, experience, and execution and we think letting him have a second go at the Dodger lineup will play to his favor. You’re also going to see these bullpens keep reaching down into the depths of their…I don’t know, depth, I guess. This is the third game in a row without an off day so we’ll see how these managers balance tiredness with talent.

When it comes to offense, we actually think both of these squads could have a night for themselves. If Bellinger and Pederson feed off of their own energy from last night and, if Justin Turner does a few Justin Turner things, that could mean oodles of runs for the blue team. However, the Astros are primed for some scoring of their own. Altuve has a career .455 average off of Kershaw (I know, right?), Beltran’s is .300, Correa is one for three off him, and Gattis is hitting .286 in his 7 matchups with him. So, if I was a betting man and you asked me to find a lineup that could succeed off of Clayton Kershaw, I’d put my money down on this one.

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