So...What Now?

People, we just survived one of the best baseball seasons in recent history.

What, you don’t believe me? Take a few things into account here, dear reader. This season saw the most home runs in the year-over-year history of the game. We’re not really sure if there is anything more tremendous in sports than the home run (Hint: there isn’t). So, do the math here. The most exciting thing in sports multiplied by the most occurrences of it in one season ever equals the most happy feels that have ever happened in one year of baseball.



But that’s not to say it was only about offense. We also got a rogue no hitter out of Edinson Volquez one muggy day in Miami which is pleeeenty enough to get us all riled up. And the leather was constantly on display through the league’s premium defenders all year (we’re looking at you, Kevin Pillar).

Then, things finished off with that World Series. Which, if we even have to explain why that was awesome…You’re just a bad person if you don’t get it. That’s really all that needs to be said there.

With such an exciting year of baseball behind us, this begs the question:

Now what?

We know. It’s the worst part of the year now. The Offseason. Cry in bed for six months until the next Opening Day? Mayhaps…

Poor Red's Fans.

I’m a Reds fan, I was doing that already.

But we have a better idea. Rather than sulk in our persistent sorrows, we will elect to do something that no blog has ever done before.

Continue. Posting. During. The. Offseason.

Korked Blog Writer Man

Oh, Korked Blog Writer Man, you’re my hero!

That’s right, folks. Expect more nonsense right here on this blog. Oops, did I say nonsense? I meant true and poetic journalism meant for the 21st century’s high demands of professionalism.

Yeah, right.

Yeah, right.

Now go get some retail therapy in and buy some t-shirts, you sad sacks!

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