Postseason Plotlines

It’s that time of the year, football has officially kicked off, flannels are being drug out of the closet, and the sweet aroma of Postseason baseball has filled the atmosphere.  This is probably the best two-month run in professional sports with football underway, Postseason baseball underway, and then we get into basketball starting if the World Series goes the distance.  Now we could sit here and breakdown contending teams, significant players that may make an impact, or September call-ups that are helping their club make a late push, but I’m going to elect to take a spinzone here, and talk about our favorite kinds of playoff storylines that occur every October.  Each year around this time it gives me the same warm, fuzzy feeling that we get to feature these kinds of stories being talked around the baseball world.  Much like a visiting team in the top of the 1st, here’s my top 3 plotlines penciled in the lineup:


The “Getting Hot At The Right Time” guys

 This is the squad that’s been on the roller coaster all year, maybe started out really hot, then had a cold streak, and are now turning it on and piecing it together when it really counts.  The city is starting to rally around the team understanding a Postseason push is underway.  The ballpark is substantially more full when maybe in the dog days of summer it wouldn’t have been, and there is a certain buzz going on around the park.  Guys are starting to play through aches and pains, and the intensity of baseball is picking up understanding what is potentially at stake.  These teams are fun to watch because they go out there every night amped and know that each W could mean the difference of sneaking into the Postseason, or getting a tee time on the charter flight home.


The “I Don’t Want To Play Them” guys

 Frontrunners, thoroughbreds, leading the pack virtually all season.  These are the squads who came into the season heavy favorites to make a deep October run, and aren’t disappointing with the Spring Training hype.  It’s been an enjoyable year, and the fan base is 100% bought in and expecting big things.  However, the IDWTPT squads can also be that emerging team that wasn’t really thought of as much, but by the time the all star break rolls around they are right up there, if not leading a division.  The combination of starting pitching, bullpen depth, balanced lineups, guys having MVP seasons are all contributing factors to these types of clubs.  Don’t let all the hype fool you though, we all remember the 2001 Seattle Mariners, 116 game winners… enough said.  Solid, consistent, steady storyline to follow all year, and now it’s fun to see how it translates as these expected heavyweights start to duke it out.


The “New Guy on the Baseball Scene” guy

 Could quite possibly be my favorite of the three plotlines we’ve discussed thus far, as it’s centrally focused on specific members of the club.  While I’m a big team guy, as all of us should be in the baseball world, it’s something about Postseason coverage, and the in-depth analysis of players that makes it so you’re vested into every pitch, every play.  It’s fun learning about young guys, how they came into the show, and if they can live up to the Postseason magnitude.  Whether it’s a young guy playing everyday, or the Raul Mondesi Jr’s of the world who make their debut in the show during the World Series, or a rookie Joe Panik who helped the Giants win it in 2014 after only a half a season in the bigs.  It’s cool to rally around these dudes strutting their stuff on baseball’s biggest stage and becoming a household name.


Just like baseball has three outs, we got three solid takes on some serious plotlines that are going to occur this October.  There are many more plotlines and fun things to raise some chatter about, some drop a comment and give us your best Postseason Plotline.  …and since you’re already on the site, check out some of the new threads that just dropped and stay looking fresh during the Postseason run!


- Josh Mason, 

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