Mookie Betts Just Threw a Perfect Game...In Bowling.

This is exactly like the title says. Mookie Betts threw a perfect game.

In bowling. He chalked himself up a perfect 300 in an officially sanctioned Professional Bowling Association event. Seriously.

Here’s a video of his ninth and tenth frames along with a little post-game (do you call it a game of bowling?) interview.


For those who don’t know, the ninth and tenth frames are the last two in a bowling match (is it a match?) where a perfect game gets finished off. Again, because bowling is super weird, a perfect score is 300 in a game where you score points based on how many pins you knock over and there are 10 pins in 10 frames. Which should make a 100…Look, we have lives, we don’t know the technicalities of bowling.

Just when we thought Mookie was an awesome baseball player with parents that really know how to name a child, he showed us he is so much more than that. Betts hit .264 this past season with 24 jacks and 102 RBI. Impressive stuff, no doubt. But it looks like he has gone into this offseason chasing 300 in not just one but two sports. He’s already checked bowling off his list. And there’s a good chance he’ll get his next 300 out of baseball this year, too.

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