Is the World Series Wow? <- (Um, I can explain...And some records!)

In shortly, yes.

T’was the much excitement, it was. When back you look at it, it could have been ages for the one. Talking we’re much moments of moments big, defense was crazy, and pitching even duels and hits clutch. Riled up all, were we about it. And not sure we are if we’re alright feeling. But the articles go on they must!

Start, where do we even? Honest, still we feel like brains have been scrambled by madness, all of it. Just, agh, about it thinking feeling woozy starting to…

*4 hours later*

Uh, we apologize for that…That series had us on our toes for…however may days it took to finish that thing off. Kinda messed with our heads. What we were trying to say was…

Was that World Series Awesome or What?! WOW!

In short, yes.

T’was so much excitement, it really was. When you look back at it, it could have been one for the ages. We’re talking so many big moments, crazy defense, pitching duels, and even clutch hits. We were aaaaall riled up about it. And we’re not sure if we’re feeling alright. But the articles! They must go on!

Where do we even start?! Honestly, we still feel like brains have been scrambled. Just thinking about it we’re starting to feel a little woozy…

Okay, but we’re feeling fine this time, we promise. No more hurling.

In fact, we would like to talk about numbers. Records were all over the place in this series so let’s work on your baseball trivia. Ready?!

Who has officially given up the most home runs in one postseason in the history of time?

The unexpected answer is: Clayton Kershaw, yup. He was tied at 7 with other greats like Pettitte, Hamels, and Beckett in this department but the parting blow with Springer was numero ocho – the one that gave Ol’ Clay the possession of this titel. Yeah, kiss The Hall goodbye, Kersh, just like we’re kissing goodbye to all those baseballs that are flying over the fence. You’re TRASH.

What you say, man?

Well, that was rude. – Clayton Kershaw

Just kidding. In this writer’s book, he’s the greatest of all time. As much as my critics (who all live with their mothers, by the way) would like for his postseason outings to knock him out of that role, it’s not going to. He’s so far ahead of everyone else even factoring in those efforts. My b.

Which Astro tied the World Series records for homers?

Well, we just mentioned it and you guessed right. Springer Dingers, baby.

TMI, dude.

Hey, don’t talk about my personal life like that. – George Springer

George of the Texas Jungle put 5 out of the yard in this World Series, good enough to tie Chase Utley (during the Great Depression) and Reggie Jackson (when disco was cool). Altogether. Jerry Springer’s cousin (Oh, did you all not know that?) had four consecutive games with a homer, 29 total bases, and 8 extra base hits. Just in case you’ve been hit in the head recently (probably by a baseball if you’re in Houston or LA), that’s a lot.

Speaking of which, what year did the World Series feature the most home runs?

Nice one, Sherlock. Stick to your day job.

This is what you look like, we all know it.

But I don’t like my day job. - You

Anyway, that’s right, the 2017 World Series had a whopping 25 total home runs in 7 games. That totally wrecked the previous record set in 2002 by the Angels and Giants at 21. But it’s only fitting considering that this entire regular season actually featured the most homers, too.

Which two starters combined for the least innings thrown in Game 7 of the World Series in HISTORY?!

Yeah, yeah, we get it. Congrats, about your short term memory again, Sherlock. These questions are rhetorical. Again, day job.

This is what you look like, we all know it.

Haha, sucker. – Me

So, yeah, McCullers and Darvish threw 4 innings in Game 7. And that’s between the both of them, not each. So wild. The bullpens of these two clubs were both shaky in their own ways (Astros by talent, Dodgers by fatigue) coming into the game and, man, did they get tested. To be honest, we were expecting things to start looking like a Skrillex show (laser shows, ya get it?) but they both pens held things down pretty decently, we thought.

Who is the only pitcher EVER to appear in all 7 games of a World Series?

If this one snuck by you: eat it, loser. If it didn’t: Again. Sherlock. Short term memory.Day job. Stick to it.

Sorry about your day job, man.

Sorry about your day job, man. – Brandon Morrow

Brandon Morrow?! What are you doing here?! Oh, you’re the answer to the question. Well, hey, dude, nice to see you! Morrow was the first man ever to throw in all 7 games of the Fall Classic. That is some legendary stuff, especially when you consider the arc of this guy’s whole career. Truly amazing feat to come up with at the end of such a grind of a full season of baseball. Good on ya, sonny boy.

In what year did the most on field proposals occur before, during, after, or in between the World Series?!

That’s right, 2017!

Will you go to Costco every week with me for the rest of my life?

‘Will you go to Costco with me every week for the rest of my life?’ ‘YES!!!’

We’re not really sure if anyone has been keeping track of this one, to be honest…But we can comfortably bet that it’s at least a tie? There’s no way two on field proposals have ever happened coinciding with the ‘Ship, right? You guys know how lazy I am if you are the sort of Neanderthal that reads through all of these articles so, if I’m wrong, tell me I am in the comments, because I just don’t care to go look. *yawn*

So, there you have it, those are a bunch of interesting records from the 2017 World Series. We’re sure the sabermetricians across the land have a few more to throw out there but they’re nerds so we’re not listening. It sure was a wild one, folks, and we’re glad to have gotten to have seen it with our own two eyeballs.

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