Debate: Does an outfielder chase on a 5000 foot homer?


Sorry, we were having a dicussion. A debate, if you will.

Alright, we’ve had a minor (as in there’s a hole in the wall) debate break out in the office the past few days and we want to start a little conversation. Now, we’ve all seen this little situation occur in a game so let’s ruminate on it a bit.

Now batting: -insert a power hitter here-. Now pitching: -insert really any pitcher here-. The hopeful pitcher rares back and fires. Turns out it’s one of those classic “Oh, that ball is going to get hit a mile” deliveries. The pitcher knows it first (if you’ve ever pitched, you know this feeling), the batter knows it second, and the crowd knows it third once the ball starts to leave the yard like an extraterrestrial projectile. Everyone knows it’s going out by 3000 feet. Minimum.

But here’s where the debate starts. With someone who doesn’t even really matter on a home run – but we here at Korked like for everyone to feel involved! The outfielder has a decision to make. Turn and run after the ball? Watch in awe, not moving a single step, with the rest of everyone on the field? Depending on what he opts to do, he’s going to make someone look really stupid. Here are the arguments:

“Chase the ball, bro!” Okay, we can see this one (sorta). Outfielders are made for chasing down balls, sure. And, if he deliberately chooses to not move a muscle in the direction of the ball, it looks an awful lot like he is showing up the pitcher. For that reason, he’s gotta go chase that sucker until he runs out of real estate, right?

“You stay right there, good Sir Mr. Outfielder guy!” Okay, but then he kinda looks like an idiot. This outfielder is supposed to be a professional baseball player but he can’t tell when the ball is very clearly long, long gone? So, what he is really doing is making two people look stupid. The pitcher gave up a MAMMOTH tank-ola; his ego is busted. Why does Mr. Outfielder have to suffer the same fate?

What’s your take? We would love to hear it.

Oh, you want our take first? Psh, like we brought it u…Oh.

Fine, then. At Korked, we like making people happy. In the pitcher’s defense, his teammate can do something to at least help him not look so beat by the hitter. But, at the same time, that relationship is mutual. If it were anyone else on the mound, if he was being honest, I bet he would admit that yes, that outfielder doesn’t really have to do anything. We’re ballplayers here at Korked, though, and we understand the nuances of the game. We propose something in between.

How about just a little “courtesy trot?” Ya know, like a few steps and then keep walking out towards the wall until it lands. That way, he doesn’t just go concrete feet on the pitcher and say “Oh, wow, look at it go” but he also doesn’t make himself look too foolish. Mr. Outfielder, Korked thinks that would be the classy move. Everyone’s happy there with a little bit of compromise, right?!

Yeah, right! This is MURICA! Pick a side!

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