Fungo Golf- Official Rules, What you'll need and What it is

What you will need to play Fungo Golf:

  • 1 Baseball per player
  • Preferably a Fungo Bat, but any bat will do
  • A baseball field or an open field with plausible pin locations

Fungo Golf Rules:

  • The first hole is a practice hole and all players must agree on the initial holes pin location.
  • The winner of the initial hole picks the 1st holes pin location.
  • A hole is won by hitting the pin location.
  • The winner of each individual hole picks the next holes pin location.
  • Balls can be hit, bunted, putted on the ground and pushed from the cup at the end of the bat’s barrel. The ball can never be thrown.
  • The infield dirt is a water hazard, if the ball touches the dirt a stroke is added.
  • A player must hit the ball from where the ball lies and cannot take a jump step to hit the ball.
  • There are no ties. This isn’t soccer. So if it is tied at the end of the match sudden death holes need to be played until there is a winner.

What is fungo Golf:

Fungo golf, it could be the best thing about baseball other than baseball itself. It can be described as a mixture of baseball and golf. A game where a fungo or baseball bat is used as the club, a baseball as the ball and the baseball field as the course trying to hit the ball to a final pin location.

The main goal of the game is to hit it to the pin in the least amount of strokes, similar to golf. Holes can consist of a certain sign in the outfield, in the tarp tunnel, off of the foul pole, onto the pitchers mound or off of a yardage marker on the outfield wall; it can really be anything on the field that can be hit without breaking. There can even be 2 part holes such as: First you have to hit the ball off of the scoreboard, then you have to hit the ball off of the right field foul pole.

Like golf the winner of the hole is the one with the least amount of strokes, but unlike golf the winner of the hole gets to select the location of the next holes pin location. So it is possible for a master fungo golfer (most pitchers think of themselves as this) to choose every pin location throughout the entire match.

If throughout the match there is a tie, then the players go into a sudden death round, where the winner of the round wins the game. This will continue until there is a winner, this isn’t soccer ties aren’t allowed. Period.

So that is Fungo Golf in a nutshell. Now go out and play.

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