4 Things We're Thankful for This Thanksgiving

Ah, the holidays. What a b-e-a-u-tiful time of year. Of course, things start with Thanksgiving (unless you’re the kind of adult that still goes trick-or-treating, then, they already started). And Thanksgiving may perhaps be the most universally wholesome of them all! It’s all about being happy, happy and, yes, thankful for what you have in life.

And what we all have in common is baseball, baby. That’s why we’re sharing with you our 4 favorite things about baseball that we are thankful for.

1. The Schedule of the Season

The Schedule of the Season

“Too much of a good thing” isn’t really the sort of wisdom that can be used to describe a baseball season. Baseball fans understand the fact that a seven month season is just the bee’s knees. They also get that having games to watch practically every day during those seven months is the most delightful thing in sports. Screw having to wait a week to watch foosball. (It’s foosball, right? Eh, who cares.) Just flip on the tube during those summer and fall months and you’re all but guaranteed to see some great sports programming. Other sports fans just don’t get it.

2. Pure Beauty

Pure Beauty

Let’s be real here. There isn’t anything (besides my wife) that’s as beautiful as a Major League Baseball stadium. Even the worst ones (you know who I’m talking about) are awesome. Those iconic ballparks around the league (you still know who I’m talking about) are somehow still not considered the 7 Greatest Wonders of the World which is baffling but oh, well. And those of you who have an MLB stadium in your town know the impression that your city’s behemoth can bestow when you drive or walk by it.

But what we love most is the silent, unspoken energy that the local youth fields have, even when they are at a standstill with nobody playing on them. Even the least taken care of baseball fields in America have a story to tell about games that have been played on them and lessons that have been learned between their lines. Speaking of which…

3. What the Game Can Teach Us

What the Game Can Teach Us

Here at Korked, we’re baseball players. We know what baseball has given us as people. Sure, there will always be a grand, old time had out on the diamond. But there is so much more than that for baseball players. The game teaches you about yourself. How to handle your emotions. Success. Failure. When to try to do more. When to try to do less. How to be patient. When to be aggressive. How to be competitive. How to…just be.

As players, when you commit to the game, you become a part of it. It shapes you and you become a better person because of it. You get to be a part of a team. A group of friends that often last a lifetime. Which leads us to our next point…

4. Community


Perhaps the best part about a baseball game is the crowd that gathers around. Whether it is an MLB game or the local Little League, the sense of community that gathers in the crowd is unrivaled anywhere in the world. Sure, the reasons why can vary. At an MLB game, everyone loves to get behind something so much larger than themselves and put on the team colors. Everyone knows all the players and everyone makes the same boos and ahhhs when things bad and good both happen. At youth games, the parents get to meet up and discuss local happenings. Perhaps they’ll even talk about each other. (“Okay, I heard Jenny got her lips done but now she looks like a pufferfish, amirite?!”) But, all told, the town gets to come together for a day and share in a common something.

We could probably go on for days but we figured we would stop at four. Things only get sappier after four lovely reasons.



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