The Longest Hit Home Runs in Baseball History

One of the best sounds in all of sports is the crack of the bat throughout a baseball stadium. There is something special about the sound of a pitch getting squared up perfectly by the batter that is so special. Those instances that you can tell that as soon as the ball hits the bat that it will leave the ballpark and you will be able to simply trot 360 feet around the bases.

So, we decided to make an ode to the farthest hit balls in the history of baseball… the homeruns that broke pitchers egos, the dingers that turned ladies into cleat chasers, the shots that turned hall of famers into legends. These aren’t just homeruns, these are colossal bombs that traveled so far out of there stadiums that other countries thought we were starting a war with them. BOMBS!

Mark McGwire vs the Marlins-

Ok, so the quality of the video is not the greatest… but this ball was an absolute pissrod off of the bat of Big Mac. It is estimated at 487ft. This shot was hit to dead centerfield on a climbing line drive that hit off of a pole with a sign on it. BOMB.


Josh Hamilton- 2008 Home Run Derby

This man literally hits a home run out of Yankee Stadium. Let me reiterate, OUT OF THE STADIUM. Yes it was in a Home Run derby so we can give it an asterisk, but I guess a few other guys on this list would need an asterisk as well...



Albert Pujols- I am not a machine, I am just Albert

Now, you see boy’s and girls… this is why you don’t hang a slider… keep it down in the zone otherwise bad things happen.


Ted Williams- 1946 legendary shot

You know you hit a dinger when they change the seat to where you hit the ball to commemorate how far it went, check this out:


Ryan Howard belts this moonshot for 505ft


Adam Dunn

It is said to have traveled 535ft… what is known in baseball circles as a panty dropper-


Jim Thome- 511 feet

You know that place in batting practice where you joke with your teammates about saying ‘I’m going to hit one there.’? Yea, Jim Thome actually hits one there!


Giancarlo Stanton- Is a homerun jedi

Giancarlo makes hitting a ball out of Dodger Stadium look easy


Jose Conseco at the Skydome   

The cameraman couldn’t even believe how far this moonshot went and underestimated where it would land… My lawwd.


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  • The HR Kyle Schwarber hit that’s STILL on top of the scoreboard at Wrigley Field

  • What about glen Allen hill’s bomb on top the rooftop begind left field.

  • You missed Glenallen Hill hitting one onto the rooftops at Wrigley. Yep the ROOFTOPS, across the street. And the notifications at the bottom of the screen might make this the most annoying website ever


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