10 of The Best Pitches in Baseball History

Every once in a while you see a pitch and think "That's unhittable!" Well I wouldn’t say I have ever thought that; but we decided to make a list of pitches that are utterly nasty. We are talking about the pitches that leave pro's perplexed. Bayou fastballs, drop off the earth curveballs and changeups that hit the brakes like a pair of carbon ceramic brakes on a F1 car. 

These pitches are things of legend, ones that our grandparents told us about and ones that we will tell our grandkids about. They have given hitters nightmares and in a few cases they have gotten PTABD, (Post Traumatic At-Bat Disorder) just from standing in the box against the pitcher. The kind of pitches that make even the best of hitters question their ability-- so without further ado let’s check them out.

10. Clayton Kershaw's Curveball

Kershaw will go down as one of the best pitchers of this era if not all-time.This man's curveball is so filthy it could start a pandemic in a 3rd world country, just look at how it buckles the batter in this video


9. Tim Wakefield's Knuckleball

This is a man that made his career off of 1 pitch and 1 pitch alone. He may not of had the best career ERA, but having multiple seasons with an ERA below 3 when only throwing 1 pitch is rather impressive. 

8. Bruce Sutter's Splitter

This pitch truly is a thing of legend. It simply falls off of the table, forcing hitters to take dry hacks in an effort to make contact.


7. Yu Darvish's Breaking Balls

It was hard for us to pick just one of this man's pitches. It is his arsenal of breaking balls that allowed him to make it on this list and why he has been successful in the majors since day 1. 

 6. Randy Johnson's Fastball and Slider

The recent Hall of Famer had 2 of the best pitches in baseball history. The combination of Johnson's size (6-foot-10), his release point, the velocity of his pitches and his unhittable slider make him one of the best pitchers in the history of our great game. 

 5. Trevor Hoffman's Changeup

 This pitch is simply a work of art. The fact that Hoffman had pinpoint control of his fastball made this pitch even more deceptive. It is safe to say that without his changeup/palmball Trevor Hoffman would not have had 601 saves.

4. Sandy Koufax' Curveball

When you can throw a curveball that get's Mickey Mantle to flinch, you know you have a good thing. Sandy is the pitcher of his era with a career ERA of 2.76 while averaging more than 1 strikeout per inning on his career. 

3. Aroldis Chapman's Fastball

This man's fastball strikes fear in every batter that faces him. Seriously would you want to get in the box against it?

2. Nolan Ryan's Fastball

Though his fastball may not be as fast as Chapman's it certainly does not make it any less effective. With a fastabll that approached 100mph and a 2-seam fastball in the mid 90's Ryan is the epitome of a strikeout pitcher. 

1. Mariano Rivera's Cutter

Let the Yankees faithful rejoice. Mo' has hands down the best cutter in baseball history. Batters hated him and wood bat companies loved him. This pitch is so deceptive eating left-handers and right-handers up alike. Just watch this at-bat where he broke the hitters bat 3 times!


So there they are the top 10 pitches in baseball history. What do you think, did we leave any out? 

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  • Kerry Wood’s slurve/curve before his injury was unreal

  • Big miss not having the Pedro change

  • any top 10 list without Lefty Carlton’s slider is fraudulent.


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