11/18/2017: Offseason Personnel Updates

Let’s do a little of our favorite offseason activity!

No, not reading philosophy, you jackwagon. Trades, managerial movement, and free agency fanfare around the league. Personnel chatter comin’ atcha!

Stanton Stuff

Giancarlo Stanton

"Hit ball far, get much money."

Yuuup, the 2017 National League MVP Award winner donned his crown a few days ago amidst a slew of rumors around trading him. He’s clearly the biggest name in the market for some movement this offseason with the beaten down Marlins entertaining the idea of being sellers. As of yesterday, the Marlins are apparently fielding interest from the Giants, Cardinals, and Red Sox. Interesting notes about the three clubs include that the Giants are willing to pay the heftiest load of Stanton’s ungodly salary, the Cardinals have a TON of minor league talent to trade away, and that Dave Dombroski, the Red Sox’s president of baseball operations, recently expressed disinterest with the idea.

Stanton himself actually weighed in on the trade talks, stating that he loves being a Marlin. He said he would prefer to keep being a Fishy but “understand[s] the business part of it and the direction the new ownership wants to go.” He’d been trying to stay quiet about everything surrounding him lately but the MVP-ness combined with the trade talks have drawn him out for a few statements.

As these talks keep on keeping on, it will be interesting to see how the new Marlins owners, Bruce Sherman and Derek Jeter, handle the trading negotiations considering Stanton’s monumental contract. Obviously, the welcoming of these trading talks have everything to do with solving a money problem rather than being concerned with a talent issue with their reigning MVP. Balancing the talent loss with business gains should be the primary driver of the Marlins actions so expect them to be offloading a loooooot of Stanton’s contract if they do move him.

Orioles Like Lynn

Lance Lynn

"The Cardinals said I'm in timeout and I can't leave the mound until someone signs me. Please help."

The O’s, to oversimplify things, have a need for some starting pitching. Chris Tillman, Jeremy Hellickson, Wade Miley, and Ubaldo Jiminez are all free agents now so that’s four of the five in their rotation out. Tillman has been a career Oriole and a staple in their clubhouse for years so the baseball fundamentalist in our brain that loves when players stick with their longtime teams say he is coming back. But that still leaves three spots open in a rotation that was last in Major League Baseball for ERA. So, yeah, call starting pitching a must have for the Baltimore club.

And why not fill that gap with Lance Lynn? He’s out on the open market and he fits the bill for being an Oriole starter next year. Now, his performance is going to earn him a price tag that a little steep given his 3.37 ERA since 2012. And the Orioles are due to have Manny Machado, Zach Britton, and Adam Jones – their core players – hit free agency next year. So that may keep Lynn from being an Oriole. But he has (wisely) already rejected the Cardinals qualifying offer and entered a market where he pretty much stands alone as a high quality starter.

With all that said, though, we could easily see this as a deal that goes through. The Orioles are a generally moderately spending team and Lance Lynn is a pretty moderate to above moderately performing player. We would like to see this move but won’t exactly call it a lock.

Who to Helm the Yankees?

Joe Girardi

"I don't know why anyone would want this job."

With Girardi out for 2018, the Yankees need a manager. And whoever the lucky ducky is that steps into that role will definitely being swimming downstream. The Yankees have used their notorious spending power to acquire some strong veteran talent while revamping their minor league system so that they have a bunch of young talent. It’s a strong squad – and, whoever the Yankees manager will be for 2018, he’ll be expected to win immediately. New York is as New York does.

So who is it going to be? There are a nice list of candidates out there and some interviews have actually already been conducted. The most interesting of those interviews include the Dodgers third base coach Chris Woodward who apparently crushed it. Current broadcaster and former Yankee Aaron Boone is said to be another candidate who smoked an interview. Other candidates are on the board but Hal Steinbrenner has said that the Spankees will be interviewing “less than ten” potential managers.

Here’s another candidate that we are going to throw in mostly for some fun: Carlos Beltran. Yeah, THAT Carlos Beltran. Fresh off the field, Beltran is a fun idea for the Yankees throne that has been tossed around by baseball pundits and analysts. And Beltran has said himself that he wants to manage (well, maybe not immediately) and added that he could be interested in the position. He hasn’t been interviewed or invited for an interview or anything but a boy can dream.

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